Learn Priority for Better Life Livings

To eradicate global poverty completely arranging Life source and resources management, systems, and support tools should be in operation and in implementation resulting in sustainable and safe outcomes for all of us same time also include the list of prohibited and prevention activities of what should be prevented in priority with implementation and in operational mode all time for the safety of all.

  • For citizens and management: the best way to live a life is to find out how much money and life resources you require now and in the future including good and true education that makes you independent, economic factors and situations, knowing necessities and not necessities of finance or less or more finance, funds, money, etc...,  peace of mind, pleasure if required, knowing available resources and making the true choice to consume them, risk indicators, You put all above mentioned and required factors into one currency product or malty-pal products means by buying that products you secure your life financially with assurance and insurance. You have to pay a principal amount always with updating as per your convenience according to the feasibility from buyers and sellers of that product and in return for the principal amount you receive a fixed income as per need that can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or as you want as per decided and approved by the life security products provider. Examples in India there are companies sucha as name LIC (life insurance corporation) product names are Jivan Akshay, jivan shanti ( peace for entire life), Jivan Anand (pleasure for entire life), etc... second example is 100 days job per year guarantee program by a certain state or central government of India. Note: these earnings of 100 days should cover all minimum and required expenses including life insurance and assurance. this 100 days work guaranteed work  program can enhance or reduce like 50 days, 100 days, 150 days. 200 days, 250 days, 300 days, time span can be depend on person’s and families poverty level and capacity to work such it has to be identified that person is rich or poor, healthy or wealthy, age level, family and other work and business support etc... That this program should be applicable with customizations. These  kind or program can be made available by governments, private sectors, individuals, world bank, united nations and NGO ( none government organization) and trust and other institution who guarantee appropriate income for appropriate time for work or work waiver, these ideal way to distribute the wealth to complete the birth, life and death without suffering. for one year as per work eligibility including wavers of work if the person is too old or disabled or unable to work due to health problems in any age including all life support. The benefits of these products are you make yourself secure, your family, your villages, your towns, your states, your countries, and the entire globe within completion to birth, life, and death.
  • Note: (A) rich people who don’t need any income or not require guaranteed income program they should be prevented and kept away from these life security programs. (B) People living below poverty line, extremely poor, people who are unable to meet food, shelter, work, medicine, insurance and other basic needs should be in priority to be included these types of life security fix income plan programs.(C) these should not be gender bias at all. (D)These types of program should be based on reality and fact for positive outcome results always not unnecessary burden on any individuals, families, villages, towns, cities, states, countries, continent and world.(E) these kind of program can be, home base, office base, business base, outdoor, all as per suitability from both sides which employee and employer and reality(F) programs can be for part time or full time as per convenience, need and suitability considering health, age, reality factors, weather it’s true need of work, or work is creating wastage of temporary or permanent loss. If there permanent loss of metals and minerals than those kind of work should be prevented but if work agriculture base, recycle and renewable base without deficit that those work should be encouraged and given priority to create sustainable surplus, such as agriculture rubber, animal base woollen, agriculture base cotton, mote dams to harvests water for whole year or more and long lasting hybrid products long lasting and comfortable and season proof, clothes, houses, best health, peaceful and harm less pleasure and so on...

    Therefore all reach and poor people under monitoring to balance system of survival if needed.

Note: (A) Once you have secured or not secured to purchase of these finances including the best health products you can also help to purchase these products and help them to complete their cycle of birth, life, and death with prevention pain supporting peace and good pleasure

Note: (B) you or your best wishers like family and friends can start purchasing these products as early as possible to complete the payment of the principal amount or purchase price and live a worry-free life and help others as per yours and theirs convenience and can also engage in fruitful or truly beneficial activities than can last temporary or permanent without generating waste or permanent loss to now and upcoming generations the conclusion is to create a surplus situation for all within globe within time permanent benefits for all such as good innovation or good discover that is proven best to sustain better life or lives for now and upcoming generations.

Rules to remember (A) less or enough population for planet means enough or more security. (B) Unnecessarily more population means more waste temporarily and permanently of unreversible but useful resources such as metals and minerals for examples. (C) Always lets risk reduction experts to manage the risk for the safety of all the time when that is truly possible with choice of right options at right time, training and understanding what is appropriates and best and true solutions that full fills the deficit or loss or prevents the permanent loss of precious and not reversible life necessities as mentioned above specially metals and minerals those we use every day or occasionally such as copper, iron, steel, zinc, mercury, nickel, precious original seeds of the plants and trees, original DNA etc.. Lot more and all others that are identified and to be identified. (D) These lifeline security products should not be fraud or corrupt, scam or failure except in extremely unacceptable circumstances like natural disasters, etc... Life and lifeline security products should treated as a priority and updated and truly and fully protected to sustain in the future for now and upcoming generations.

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  • For management and citizens: learn and teach how to live without sex and sexual activities or any activities that bring new life to human life or are unnecessary on the planet, to live without worry, living without sex can give you peace of mind and possible pleasure and independence, without planning and without life resources to have new life on the planet can create a burden on creators, families, village, towns, cities, states, countries, and globe. Above mention situation will prevent many troubles before they arrive on the planet.
  • Recognize and identify what is renewable and recyclable then build life and life resources on that especially renewable so life can be long lasting almost forever or as far as they can go... of the total world population within the limit. For example, renewable resources are ...agriculture, water harvesting, observing the life of old tribes to learn how they survived so far before and now, animals for food, woollen, milk, etc.., herbal medicine and hybrid medicines for good and improved results such as cure of diesis,., solar energy, windmill, thermal energy, etc... and much more are good examples of renewable.
  • Note: most of the time birth, life and death has no purpose at the end after certain points most of the time is just time pass and useless, so think wisely before you start spreading population unnecessary or without understand without income individual or family can be in lot of troubles.
  • International trade and exchanges “golden rule”. When you trade or exchange precious metals and minerals, which results in deficits or permanent loss during all processes including recycling and consumption, or which are not fully 100% recoverable or renewable these items should be exchanged on trade to make a match. For example one country has a scarcity of certain items same time another country has a surplus then trade has to be mach as per availability from mine or recycling from either countries or parties. For example, in trade value and availability in weight, it can be something like this 10 kg aluminium = 1 kg of copper = 25 kg of nickel = 15 kg of brass
  • The above has to be updated every day in domestic and international markets to find out the true status of permanent loss of metals and minerals and compare populations so you know how many days or years are left before you will run out of those metals and minerals as per availability consumption by total world populations.
  • prevent all unnecessary activities right now for the safety of upcoming and well-educated generations, with the right preparations in the present and the future, preparations, and preventions should be in place right now within the right time to have enough time to implement and create the right situation now and in future and well before it puts us in condition or situation of  -  too late to reverse and damage is done, permanent loss already arrived mode. these are always instant corrections and solutions to stop upcoming damages.
  • Note: no trade or exchange should take place without knowing traders such as buyers and sellers on each side. Make sure they are trading sustainable and permanent surplus and deficit or permanent loss products or metals or agriculture products etc... They should be about ground reality knowing that the result of these trades is right or wrong, good or bad, regardless of trade or exchange. Trade and exchange should take place only after the approval of expert trading and exchange agencies or institutions, councils or associations, and concerned governments and companies national and international to make the situation right, long-lasting, and when possible always sustainable. Note: hopefully result should be in gain and good and improved quality with the help of research and sustainable development support from around the world. Hopefully, these will bring good balance in the world but it may or may not stop permanent loss until research and development have reached to the permanent gain level, not the permanent loss. It is possible to create surplus and gain, loss can turn into gain within the right time, right, process, and right innovation and discovery. All these gains and surpluses are possible with the right funds and the right manpower using the right technology and constant efforts allocation in the right, true, and sustainable direction.
  • Water and water saving related management, arrangement, and system to purify and keep it purified for ideal usage with also waste management applicable resulting in all below where it is appropriately applicable for true and best, safe, in preventing pain for the best health of all time.
  • Food
  • Cloth and all safe wearing for all seasons including footwear and head and mouth ware in difficult situations apply safe wearing as solutions.
  • true Shelter, true Home, office and businesses, or combined home and office all season-proof
  • True waste management system with regular updating and in operation with good and true adjustments
  • Health and the best health-related activities for no pain at all and always during Birth, life, and death for present and upcoming generations' safety.
  • True Education
  • The true University of Life Science which is like SEZ ( secure economic zone ) which teaches people how to learn, earn, and spend plus social studies and a lot more which is very useful to live preventable and preventing pain during birth, life, and death, and despite of that at university you and we all learn how to live sustainable and enjoyable life without harming self and others
  • True work programs in the right places within reach at the right time for everyone with full safety and for safety for them.
  • True preparation and true planning for implementation and after that if it's proven truly appropriate and sustainable then the implementation of it with funds and transaction records for references and guidelines to verify that everything is within true and truly understandable rules and regulations in the right place at right time with right people and right skill for the right outcome and output which results in sustainable developments or fulfils the temporary and permanent demands 
  • True registration
  • True verification for truth
  • Energy, fuel, power, electricity, etc... All kinds of energy.
  • Vehicles with roads and transportation networks with connectivity.
  • Best arrangement and management with funds or money in rotation or appropriately.
  • Communication with TV, mobile, satellite network, GPS (global positioning system)
  • Use true technologies for all pain prevention and other sustainable usages etc...
  • Facilities with all requirement life sources and season proof protected including machinery and maintenance for them...
  • Archiving, history, listing, evidence, negative positive outcomes process, etc...
  • Useful, needed, and truly supportive types of machinery in operational mode with truly skilled people for them.
  • Maintenance and management for all above facilities and related types of machinery, gauges, activities, etc...
  • Recycling and recyclable goods or products, services, and economy with funds or money, etc...
  • Renewable resources, products, goods, producers, providers, merchants, importers, exporters, etc...
  • Prevention to protect the health and future of the upcoming generation, prevented products, activities, people, institutions, wrong education mind abusive and impossible tasks and impossible proven activities.
  • Saved and saveable and saving resources, power, products, people health, sharable facilities, etc...with prevention of no puerility activities which are harming, harmful to keep everything in the best health.
  • Archive and remember the process of living without pain birth, life, and death without touching or harming resources which always results in permanent loss. So prevent permanent loss of precious metal etc... And use or switch to renewable and recycling resources to make safe and secure upcoming generations.
  • As true education learn how to use renewable and recyclable resources with proven processes or methods, process and product and learn for skilled people who are specialized in them without harm.
  • SEZ (secure economic zone) means a safe place and secure with all available life resources permanently, these places are safe and secure for all generations, and their migration to these places are encouraged for permanently safe to all incoming generations.
  • All other sustainable and not sustainable product listings and filters and customization if needed with those products, are processed by skilled people for that cause, to achieve permanent safety and security and to prevent any kind of temporary or permanent harm to the safety of presence and upcoming generation in the future.
  • Disturbance, nuisance, pollution, corruption, abusive ways of talking in bad manners, activities that can break peaceful processes and disturb peaceful people unnecessarily, other disturbing factors substances, risk increasing factors that prevent peace all are prohibited.
  • Note: above mentioned and other disturbing factors can create unstabilization and unbalance in life and they spoil good tasks into bad tasks and bad lives so it is good to prevent them from staying away from them or keep them away forever. Additionally, disturbance also makes people forget very important things in life which may result in big blunders.
  • True protection program within all situations for all time including complaints and solutions for victims within reach in a system in operation, fully updated and equipped with all required facilities to reach within time and situation for the safety of all.
  • Learn mass communication and individual communication to support all families and individuals in villages, towns, cities, states, countries, and globally to help them appropriately.
  • Rules, regulations, guidelines with regulators, and appropriate system in place with trainers, before bad situation arrives, to prevent harm all the time.
  • Alarms and notifications for all changes which take place, within almost in the same time with indicators showing up or down, right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, all indications in full detail including name, address, causes, solutions, etc... With financial and economical, weathers, seasons, health, etc... Factors on mass level and individuals levels.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) is a very important part of life learning with the list of all required skills that can make you truly independent and these can save you a lot of time and money, effort, unnecessary pain, etc..  to learn life livings, workshops and ready to use places should be available for people and all lives.
  • Learn malty-tasking skills step by step to become independent and very flexible to become a very useful resource to reach your self and reach out to others for help and become an integral part of society, family and all lives locally and globally.